Have you ever wondered way the sun sadly went away?

Have you ever listen to the rhythm of the river

Have you ever been on the top of the mountain?

And felt the power of the wind

Have you ever danced with waves of the sea?
Or dive deep to hear the glory silence of the ocean

Have you ever looked to the eyes of new born baby?
To see the smile of an angle

Have you ever seen the purity of kids?
When they play naked with the songs of the rain

Have you ever whipped away the tears of an orphan?
And told him that he is a little bird of heaven

Have you ever gave a worm huge to and homeless old man
Feeling so cold in the corner and feed him with love and care

Have you ever felt the bond between the old man and the sea?
or the bond betwen a child and snow

Have you ever freed your heart from the desire and evil spirit?
And felt the magic of faith and hope form the LOVING GOD

Have you ever looked to the sky and see the supreme dignity of a hawk?

Have you ever been to the land of rivers, poetry, knowledge and the house of wisdom in the Babel Land?

Have you ever wondered way the birds cried and sadly sing their lovely song
When the bloody hands of an evil captured the Great Babel land

Have you ever seen what happened to the Babel Land?

If you haven’t seen all of these than your soul is
A bird in a cage or like wilting rose in a jail