The life contains many experiences; studying in university is the best one, there is good opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and arrange it, also they will extend social relationships.
For me, as a student in university, I found both; the pleasure and the benefit. I was looking for studying English language since 1980, but I could not do that, so I kept the dream in my mind till I had chance to start.
In my first day when I stepped inside the Islamic university in Baghdad, I shocked and impressed in the same time, there was trashes everywhere, stinky water, bad smells, I stopped for a moment looking at nothing, but myself, is this the spot which I looked for? Is it correct place to start getting knowledge? The answer was absolutely, no, but there is always a flower between thorns and that what impressed me, all those students where moving with great hopes, dreams, looking for a new life and one day we will find out that some of them become great man and woman.
Everything was perfect, I made my decision to keep going and fighting till I get what I want from my new life, fighting, that’s what I spent my whole life doing and I think everyone did.
The first step is the hard one and when it done, the second will be easier and so on everything in life, I feel that my dream achieved and I am going toward my goal without hesitation, although there is many thorns still stings everyone here, but let us look at to the filled part of the glass without forgetting the empty part and try to fill it.