Seasons and Reasons

by Samir Al Omary

Seasons of my happiness,
Reasons for my eyes to cry.
Merging into tenderness,
thinking of the time to die.
Drowning in the loneliness,
as if the world is only mine.
Holding on to memories,
reaching for the deep inside.

I am still dreaming of an ancient sight.
Its dawn is gleaming with eternal light.
A dawn of truth and purity
No doubts in the basis
No masks on the faces
No fights of the races
No cheating for the benefits
A dream of a decent world.

Select your seeds, no shadowing and no vanity.
Immortal deeds, a journey to eternity.
It ‘s what you do is what you are,
A flower in a candle light.
A knight is you, brave and ambitious.
So ride your mare through anguish and through wilderness
Moan not, free your soul of agony.
Embrace the space for the holy scent of destiny.