Sad Emotions

gasida by Abdulkareem Algaylany

Translated by annika and zakia khairhoum

From where did you come with this scent?
How did you come to the Insanity of Thoughts?
Twinkles in your eyes, my lady
blinded the Sight
Whispers from you my Darling
Taught me how to be attractive
My Hunger and Thirst
create the prettiest of Poems
My hope. the Flower of Life
Tell me how to appease my longing
I scream with no voice in my room
I wonder, I sway and I wamble
Here my heart hails for you
as a mad without hope
Content with worries
and strong enthusiasm
I don´t know how to remain alone
and your Lips rain with Kisses
My drown Moments
in the Sea behind the ray Borders
Your voice awaken my Stupor
as an Amulet of passion
I bear it day and night
Tell me my Lady
How can I reach alone my Haven
in Spotlights from the Full moon
without oblations and Passion?
I will cross the world my Love
my Dreams travelling in your ecstasy
sweetest than Flowers
I hold you tight in my Heart
till the end of my Life
_ ***
I can´t find words to describe you
softer than a Lily, smoothie and silky
Tell me my Lady
How can I read all my novels without you?
How can I write my verses?
My Passion for you overthrows my Memories
as a breeze touching my door in Summertime
How can I reach you in my dreams?
My sweetest dreams in you
My sigh spires your distance
Oh - my Realm icon I am in the east
and you in the west

My Darling I love you
I do not know what to say
Of all Women in the earth
you become my Wishes and Holder
the Princess of the beauty
Let me wallow in you
to come from my shroud alive
Come to me my darling
let us plant moistest Kisses in this World