: A gasida by Abdulkareem Algaylany

Translated by annika and zakia khairhoum

sea Gull will sing

She walks on water

blue atmosphere follows her with a smile

carved dream glanced at her

From the face of ocean

And Eavesdrops the seashore

Finally the party starts

The sea gull will sing

My virtual song

While flowers are sleeping

In the insanity of tagging waves

Butterflies come infatuated

Charmed by stories bewitched by memories

Dwelled worries descends

Making the heart aching

Seashore is no longer

The basket of hopes

How can we build sand castles

sun abandons her

darkness dwells her

Gather up the pigeon queue

And spread it with a coo

Slumber will not last

You will forget your sleeplessness

And what time has done

my sorrowful east Look to the world

from open windows

Wounds climb from them ...trail elapsed moans


We will full this garden by flowers

Colored it in white spaces

Let s swoop sky of FORAT

also African desert

swoon of victory approaches

From distrustful mirage

We pour our pictures with dew

With colors of the morning