A Pain to Weep!
Once upon a time, I swift to
a day
My feelings hunt my eyes
to fly
My ups where there, to climb
the sky
How come you are thus
And l lost my feathers of
I lost my way,
and crashed to
What a sky to reach, and what a way
to try
Winds throw my dreams on ground
and sway
When the sun shows on my eyes
to play
Reach my horizon's end and to
My game is over and where to
My day to benight my dreams
to sleep
My scrupulous thoughts to trouble
My smile
I celebrate every second with you on
Celebrate long days to think my
ideas o' prime
To keep you near eyes,
that long way to part
The sun to fade, and the moon
to wane
What a world to catch that long run,
What to answer such a
question why
That pain awakes which's me,
my hopes to
A pain to weep
And a rain to cry